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Certified Massage Therapist

B.S. in Physical Education CSU Fresno

CAMTC# 21963

Member of ABMP

About your therapist 


Welcome to Catalyst Bodywork Studio in Elk Grove, CA. I am looking forward to helping you achieve decreased pain and improved function.  


Why I became a therapist.


I used to have horrible migraines.  They were debilitating.  I would have to lock myself in my room, ice my neck, take meds and just try to sleep them away.  After college I worked in a Chiropractic office as a Dr.'s assistant and this is where I was introduced to massage therapy for the first time.  I was told massage could help with my headaches. 

I went into the therapy room and came out free from pain.  I had space and circulation in my body that I had not had ever before.  

I began receiving massage on a weekly basis and the migraines disappeared. Since that first massage session I felt a calling to the field of bodywork.  It wasn't until 2003 that I had the opportunity to go to massage therapy school.

Having a background in kinesiology, anatomy and physiology made the transition to massage therapist very easy.  I started course work at Santa Barbara Bodyworks in 2003 and graduated in Winter of 2003 as a somatic practitioner.  The basics were covered in massage school but I wanted to learn more so I took advanced course work.  

I started my business in Santa Barbara in 2004 and then moved to Sacramento a few years later.   Christina Miranda Massage was started in the Greenhaven / Pocket area of Sacramento in 2007.  The summer of 2018 I made the risky decision to move my massage therapy business into Elk Grove, CA to be closer to home for the family and I renamed my business Catalyst Bodywork Studio.    

I view bodywork as a direct way of improving a client's quality of life by reducing the causes of discomfort and pain. I focus on structural and movement-based bodywork methods that aim to decrease pain and improve function in the body.  

Providing you with the best massage therapy.

See what our clients are saying!

No one, and I mean NO ONE in my experience is as skilled, knowledgeable, intuitive and pleasant as Christina. I feel blessed to have discovered her and know you will feel the same. Thank you Christina for the healing!

Christina is incredible. She really listens to you and gives you an incredible, therapeutic massage. She books up fast, so it's best to book out.

I went in to see Christina about my recurring shinsplints. Extremely painful and a problem I 'be had for years. But now, after just a few treatments, I am pain-free!

Cece W. 
Marissa A. 
Michael S. 
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