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Swedish Massage


Integrated therapies may include some of the following modalities.

Sports Massage  | Deep Tissue |  Trigger Point Therapy | Active Myofascial Release | Cupping 

Orthopedic Massage Techniques | Medical Massage Techniques |  PNF Stretching 



30 Minutes | $50     60 Minutes | $90

  • A variety of techniques are used in the treatment of soft-tissue dysfunctions, pain and injuries. The modalities can address dysfunctions relating to: stress, prolonged computer work, bad posture, sports or any other type of injuries, excessive athletic training, repetitive overuse of muscle groups. Many common injuries best treated are those that occur from repetitive motions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. Some clients experience initial pain and discomfort during and immediately following a session but pain generally subsides within 24 hours and healing begins.  However, bodywork should never hurt so much causing you to clench your teeth or hold your breathe.  Let your therapist know your level of comfort



30 Minutes | $50     60 Minutes | $90

In order to provide Medical Massage you will need a Referral or Letter of Medical Necessity from a doctor or Chiropractor.

Medical Massage is defined as massage administered under a health care providers referral which means a  a Letter of Medical Necessity is required to book your appointment. A Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) is a statement from your doctor that they agree the requested treatment is needed to manage a patient's stress or pain and they recommend the treatment.​


Can I use my FSA or HSA card?


Yes, we accept the FSA or HSA cards and will provide a receipt for the service rendered so you may submit it to your employer. 

We DO NOT bill insurance but we can provide a receipt for services that you may be able to submit for reimbursement.  

Your can send the LMN or Referral directly to us by emailing catalystbodyworkstudio@gmail.com

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