Certified Massage Therapist
B.S. in Physical Education CSU Fresno
CAMTC# 21963
Christina graduated from California State University, Fresno with a Bachelors of Science in Physical Education.  She worked for many years as a fitness trainer, office manager and chiropractic assistant.   


In 2000 Christina was suffering from frequent migraines and neck pain which were a result of a whiplash injury compounded by an ergonomically incorrect office situation.

She experienced her first deep tissue massage and was amazed at how her body felt. She began receiving massage on a weekly basis and the migraines disappeared. Since that first massage session Christina felt a calling to the field of bodywork.  It wasn't until 2003 that she had the opportunity to go to massage school.

Having a background in kinesiology, anatomy and physiology made the transition to massage therapist very easy.  She started her course work at Santa Barbara Bodyworks in 2003 and graduated in Winter of 2003 as a somatic practitioner.  The basics were covered in massage school and Christina's need to know more about different techniques prompted her to take advanced course work.  

She started her own business in Santa Barbara in 2004 and then moved to Sacramento a few years later.   Christina Miranda Massage was started in the Greenhaven / Pocket area  of Sacramento in 2007.  The summer of 2018 she chose to move her massage therapy business into Elk Grove, CA to be closer to home for the family and renamed her business Catalyst Bodywork Studio.    

Christina views bodywork as a direct way of improving the client's quality of life and reducing the causes of discomfort and pain. She focuses on structural and movement-based bodywork methods.


Shin Splints

I went in to see Christina about my recurring shinsplints. Extremely painful and a problem I 'be had for years. But now, after just a few treatments, I am pain-free!

Not only did she fix my problem, but she helped educate me. After watching me run she could see the problem. It was amazing. Now I am working on my running technique. Also, She gave me some strengthening exercises using resistance bands so those shinsplints never come back.

I feel very grateful to know Christina because she is truly a practitioner who wants you to get better, and that is a rare quality in today's "me" world.

Thank you Christina!!!

MICHAEL S. / Tennis Player 

Frozen Shoulder

I started seeing Christina on 11/14/18 on a recommendation from my acupuncturist.  I started seeing an acupuncturist for frozen shoulder in 10/2018 since all my health care provider said was that I needed to do certain exercises and apply ice.  It would take time but it would get better, "eventually". All I read online said a recovery time of 1-3 yrs.  There was no way I was going to let it "take time" without being proactive.  I was doing the exercises with no relief.  So I sought the help of an acupuncturist and she referred me to CatalystBodyWorks (aka Christina).  In less than 3 months I have gone from constant pain to 80% healed.  I call my acupuncturist (Red Crane Wellness) and massage therapist (Catalyst Body Works) my dream team.  Between them I am getting my range of motion back and learning different things about my body.  Once I get full ROM back I plan on implementing exercises into my routine to prevent this from happening again.  Now that my shoulder is at 80% healed they are splitting the focus on my shoulder and also working on my R foot as I have terrible plantar fasciitis which they are incorporating treatment for that into my sessions.  Yes Christina has been focalizing on specific areas on me but I intend to use her as my primary massage therapist going forward as her knowledge of how the body works is invaluable.
I highly recommend her services.



Catalyst Bodywork Studio

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