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Integrated Massage & Bodywork

Massage & Bodywork

At Catalyst Bodywork Studio in

Elk Grove, CA., we combine many modalities to create an integrated massage & bodywork session to  effectively reduce pain and increase function. 


Sports | Deep Tissue


Trigger Point

Active Myofascial Release | Cupping 


Orthopedic Massage Techniques


Medical Massage Techniques 


PNF Stretching


All Inclusive Rate

You will not be charged “add on” fees for cupping, gua-sha (scraping), stretching or any Cryoderm.  Any therapies I am trained in that are needed to give you the best possible outcome will be utilized with

no “add on” fees.

30 Minutes ... $70
60 Minutes ... $115


Current availability is on the online booking page.  Feel free to book ahead to secure an appointment time. If you do not see a time available please add yourself to the waitlist.
Cancellations happen so be the first to know of an opening. 

Openings will also be posted in our instagram & facebook stories as they occur
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If you love the service please recommend us to a friend, write a review on YELP or GOOGLE
and rebook with us. 
 Thank you for your support! 

Taking care of your health

Massage | Bodywork

Christina will work with you to figure out which muscles are contributing to your discomfort and come up with a therapy plan to address both tight muscles and weak muscles that are creating

the imbalance. 

Self Care

A very important part of treatment is self care.  Christina will recommend stretches or exercises to perform at home.  You can call this homework or self care.  These, when done regularly will help stabilize and strengthen your body resulting in you achieving your therapeutic goals.

Keep moving

Movement is the key to better function.

Some people think they have to feel better to start moving but really you have to start moving to feel better. 

Motion is Lotion!

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